This is the first step in our off-site manufactured balconies.160 custom designed “Cast In Stub Anchors with thermal pads” for our John Paul Construction, SLX project.   These will be integrated/cast into the building structure with templates provided to ensure the stub brackets are set-out at the correct levels and centres.  This ensures there are no misalignment problems.

Our cast-in anchors have been designed to deliver many times more strength than traditional alternatives. We manufacture these ourselves so that we have full control over the quality and structural performance of the end product. Perch cast-in anchors come complete with thermal breaks to avoid cold bridging at the connection between the balcony and the building.

Due to the strength and particular design of the Perch SwiftFit cast-in anchors, fewer are needed, reducing the number of façade penetrations and increasing the cost effectiveness of the project.

Our platforms are constructed from mild steel for safety and strength but are still considerably lighter than traditional balconies.