Arc Engineering, are proud to introduce the new SwiftFit Balcony as the latest
addition to our Perch Balconies Range.

The SwiftFit Balcony incorporates cutting edge technology in terms of modular design, offsite
manufacture and streamlined installation methodology.

This video demonstrates the benefits of our SwiftFit Balcony when compared to
traditional balcony designs.

Integrated into the building structure are custom-designed cast-in anchor stub assemblies. Thermal pads are used between the anchor plates and stub brackets to negate any risk of cold-bridging. Templates are used to ensure the stub brackets are set-out at the correct levels and centres. The stubs are then cast into the building, after which, brickwork and cladding may proceed. Upon completion of the building façade and prior to the dismantling of scaffold, the support arms are bolted to the stub brackets. Once the scaffold is removed, balcony installation may commence.

SwiftFit Balconies are fully assembled off-site to maximise quality control and minimise onsite
activity. The base constitutes a light-gauge mild steel frame to which the client-specified decking boards, balustrades, soffit panels and flashings are fitted.. Completed balconies are transported to site by truck where they are craned directly from the trailer into final position on the building using designated lifting points. The balcony slides over the stub support arms where it is both levelled and fixed by means of height-adjusting bolts, packers and clamps located at each corner of the balcony.

A notable advantage is that all final fixing takes place within the safe confines of the balcony
balustrades, thus reducing risk to site operatives.

The two outstanding decking boards are then fitted completing the installation. The balcony is now secure in its final position with the procedure being repeated for any balconies that follow.

A cross-sectional view shows the balcony and stub assembly with thermal pad in relation to
the building, brickwork and insulation gap.

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