Perch SwiftFit Balconies

Perch SwiftFit Balconies are modular in design and offsite manufactured for faster, safer, more cost efficient installation. Developed by Arc Engineering who have an unbeatable track record in design and fabrication of architectural metalwork.

Balconies to look up to

Our balconies are modular in design, with your choice of decking, balustrade and soffit made offsite in our CE Certified workshops by our skilled team of craftsmen.

Clay Farm Offsite manufactured balconies
We have created a new process that makes your life easier, is more cost effective and time efficient whilst maintaining the very highest quality and safety standards.
Our highly skilled and motivated team has one mission – to create and deliver beautiful, robust balconies that are exactly as you need them, efficiently and to the highest safety standards.

How SwiftFit balconies can be incorporated into your building!

Our balconies are modular in design and manufactured offsite.  Watch our video which explains the process of casting in the stubs/anchors into the building facade for the cantilevered arms ready for onsite craning and securing the offsite manufactured balcony onsite.

There are no compromises on aesthetics, quality or safety standards.

We have established an excellent reputation and a strong track record in exceeding our architect, contractor and developer clients’ requirements.

When you can’t afford to take chances, choose Perch SwiftFit Balconies.

We won’t let you down.