Time Saving:

Increased Speed to Completion – construction progresses whilst balcony manufacture takes place off site. Our streamlined installation process means that up to 20 balconies can be installed in a day with minimal site interference.

Added Convenience:

We offer a comprehensive service from design to manufacture to installation. Perch SwiftFit balconies are entirely factory finished so there is no need for soffits to be fitted on site, reducing time and number of trades needed. We also assemble the cast-in anchor, stub and arm assemblies in our factory to further reduce site works. Our balconies are manufactured early and stored on our premises, ready for when you need them.

Cost Efficient:

Top down installation is available where applicable, delivering significant savings on scaffold, MEWP and crane costs.

Perfect Alignment:

Fitting the balconies onto pre-checked cast in anchors ensures that our balconies are level and correct every time. Templates are provided to ensure accurate casting and reduce variations due to balconies being modified to fit.

Premium Quality:

Each of our Perch SwiftFit balconies is made with high quality materials by skilled, experienced craftsmen. Each one is taken through our rigorous in-house Quality Control Checks.

Lightweight and Robust:

We use mild steel in the manufacture of our platform as it’s less likely to warp or bend than aluminium. This material produces a lighter weight structure than traditional balconies, reducing the number of cast-in anchors needed and respectively the number of façade penetrations.

Streamlined Appearance:

No unsightly fixtures are required with the Perch SwiftFit balcony system.

Heightened Safety:

Our balconies are fixed into final position from above, so there is no need for installers to be beneath a live load.

Built in tolerance in our balconies offers far more adjustment than bolt on balconies. The Perch SwiftFit Balcony is stronger, safer, more time and cost effective than traditional balcony production.

We have a proven track record of more than 12 years of delivering on time, on spec and on budget to many major clients.

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