Verville, Vernon Ave, Clontarf

Verville, Vernon Ave, Clontarf
Veiville, Vernon Ave, Clontarf
Main Contractor: MKN Property Group
Architect: Delphi Design
Engineer: BDP
No. Balconies 110m catwalk, 12 balconies, internal staircores & balustrades

Project Description:

A residential development of 73 apartments – 21 one beds, 41 two beds and 11 three beds. The development includes the restoration of Verville House, an impressive Victorian listed building, and the construction of two apartment blocks within a landscaped courtyard. A large 3 level Catwalk was installed to Block A with 110m free standing glass balustrades. Steel balconies with 85m free standing glass balustrades and 350m terrace / GFL free standing glass balustrades. Mild steel with glass infill panel balustrades to the internal stair cores and 150m HD galv & PPC external railings.